It was so hard to believe that we were part of this carnage, last night when we saw the ship coming up moment by moment and eventually hearing the foghorn  blast at the success of this salvage operation.  It seems like we recalled every move we made on this fateful night!  It became so much harder as the reality of seeing the wreck transition for daylight into the dark night of Giglio.  Again the visual of this upright carcass, the trashing noises, the creaking metal and the churning sea.  All these months we have been looking at the wreck, it felt as if it was something ‘out there’ to fuss over, but inconceivable to remember the tangible connection of being a part of this tragedy.

Only now are we hearing reports of officials being unsure that these bodies were trapped in the sunken ruins of the Concordia. Remembering what it was like in the sea at 12.10 am on the night of this accident, I shudder to think that these hopes are unlikely.  The reality is that, the we will more than likely, never know the fate of these remaining, unanswerable questions. More-so we express gratitude for the miracle of our survival.

Today the news tells of the eventual collection of passengers stranded belongings, after the immediate search for the two remaining missing bodies.

We don’t anticipate getting anything back although they say that the safes are protected from all elements, all we remember having in the safe was a few hundred $’s and my iPhone and iPad….. yes, they are now worthless!  Unfortunately, I had left my jewelry and precious posessions,  in the dresser drawer. Although we thought our cabin was on the high side of the ship, we knew that the weather and all elements and search and rescue efforts, would have destroyed everything.  After seeing the re-floatation yesterday, even our cabin is submerged as the ship is floating so much lower than at sailing level, 3/4 of the ship is underwater.

I can’t help thinking of the Titanic movie when the grandmother goes with her granddaughter all those years later, to identify her precious belongings…it makes me so teary.

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