Andrea Davis


I had the pleasure of hearing Andrea Davis speak on her book, Survival Was Only the Beginning, at Limmud Winnipeg 2020. She brought her heroic story to life with humor and emotion and had us all on the edges of our seats. I recommend her book to anyone who loves to read about a real-life misadventure, if you have a chance to hear her story in person— don’t miss it!

Dr. Caron Glickman

Listening to Andrea & her horrifying journey brought me to tears of both sadness & triumph. She’s such a beautiful orator~ she made me “feel” the terror & disbelief of their situation….and I “felt” her gratitude to all that assisted them. Amazing!

Becky Kaufmann

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Andrea Davis speak about her harrowing experience on the Costa Concordia. Andrea is an engaging speaker who takes her audience along with her on what proved to be a harrowing experience; surviving the sinking of the Costa Concordia. As Andrea shared her experience many felt we were there with her. As the audience, we could feel her fear and sense her determination, as she invited us to share in her eventual triumph. Andrea leaves listeners with a sense of hope, moving forward after a harrowing experience, resiliency, and coming out the other side. Her experience teaches us that it is not what happens to you that generates growth, but how you deal with what happens to you.

Janice Vomberg

I have just finished reading your book and just wanted to tell you that I was blown away by it. Your strength, courage and bravery are an inspiration. My husband and I went on a Mediterranean cruise and sailed that route in 2009. My blood ran cold when I heard the news of the Concordia and I followed the story as the tragedy unfolded. I do not think I would have been able to swim as you did. Thank G-d you had the strength to do it and survive. Thank you for writing this amazing book! My husband can’t wait to read it!

Shelley Berman

YPO South Africa

With the purest heart and deepest emotion, Andrea shares her terrifying experience of having to make a decision to jump into the ocean from a sinking cruise ship. Her gratitude for all the smallest kindnesses extended to her and her husband as they survived the horrific night and its aftermath brought a tear to the faces of all of us in the room. Andrea shared her resiliency and healing and brought all audience members to a place of gratitude and love.

Michele Doctoroff

I devoted the day to reading your book and I couldn’t put it down until finished. I cannot imagine the horrific time that you Laurence went through- thank goodness you were together and stayed together throughout the whole ordeal

And you survived!! A huge appreciation for life now is the big positive to come out of the it and I really picked up on this when I met you.

You have a wonderful appreciation for life Andrea. 

Kerrie Jennison

This true story is so well written that I felt all the pain the author went through. I think it is only a very talented writer who is able to bring out emotion that is so real. It made me cry. The story also brought out the build up of tension that ensued during this awful tragedy, after the peace, tranquility and beauty that had taken place before and during the good part of this journey on board the Costa Concordia. The book is very well written and is a quick read, because you have to start and finish it in one sitting! I couldn’t put it down. Congratulations to this author.

Therese C. DeWitt

As a frequent cruiser, I found this book fascinating while infuriating. The suffering caused by such gross incompetence should never happen again. The book is well written and clearly a lot of thought and emotion went into it. Everyone reading the book had to ask the question, what would I have done if it had been me? Well done!

I read your book last weekend. I was so moved by your story! I’m in awe of your courage both on that fateful night and since, for writing the book and sharing it. I cannot begin to imagine how it all has changed your outlook on life.

Karen Thomson

Light and easy to read. An interesting and inspiring story. I would recommend the book. It is probably more suited to female readers.
Kristen Lalieu

Andrea does a great job explaining her story of survival with an enlightening honest focus on her battles in the months subsequent to her rescue.
Karen Noud

Great account of one couple’s actual experiences, while enjoying ship life,waiting for the order to abandon ship & their harrowing escape & it’s aftermath.

This story brought me to tears several times. True courage and love expressed so beautifully. Very encouraging ending for those experiencing ptsd.
G DeBen

Scary and intriguing. Hope to never be in this situation…
I recommend this book to anyone interested in real life situations, what can happen, and how to survive it. Nice read!


Compelling and spellbinding, depicting the strength of the human spirit

“Good perspective from someone who has gone through a near-death experience and is valuing every day… I was particularly struck with “apologize quickly” and “forgive often”.

Another takeaway was to keep myself healthy in case one day I have to physically go above and beyond what I feel my limits are – like you having to swim over to an Island and climb some rocks !!!

Yes, and always tell the ones you love that you love them!

Thank you for taking the time to record and share the details of your very difficult experience and for showing us and encouraging us that there really are good people in the world, strangers willing to help strangers!  That is inspiring.

Truly God has a plan for each of our lives, He sees the bigger picture!


Ok to read your very descriptive words –  it was eerie to listen to them, almost like we were there as well, reminded us of the Titanic movie.


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your adventure while I was on my adventure! I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your story with us. I loved every minute of this read. Your book came all the way to Mexico! Have a wonderful week!