Andrea Davis


Laurence and Andrea were born in Johannesburg, South Africa and immigrated to Calgary with their family in 1997.

Andrea started her working career in the Diamond Industry in Johannesburg. Since living in Canada, she began a successful career in Marketing and Advertising and incorporated her Promotional and Branding company, BallyHoo Concepts Inc. in 2003. Despite years of turmoil and upheaval, she is proud to be celebrating her 20th year in business, this year.

Their first love is that for their children and grandchild. Family time is where their hearts live.

Their love of life and nature encourages them to travel to exciting global destinations.

Both before and after their trauma on The Costa Concordia, their love for cruising is what they look forward to most when planning vacations.

Andrea is excited to share the details of their adventure on The Costa Concordia with you, followed by their incredible decision to return to the scene of the disaster only six months later where they met up with their rescuers and thanked the people of Giglio.

She is excited to have published her first book.

Survival Was Only the Beginning – A Costa Concordia Story.

Andrea is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Andrea has presented numerous National and International talks and Keynote presentations on this topic as well as powerful motivational lessons learned, the rewards in the Power of Resilience.

Writing this book has allowed me to explore the many levels of where  this unforeseen journey has taken me to. I have endeavored to communicate my emotions, actions, fears and the glory of survival as clearly as possible. So much has happened since our story began on Friday, January 13, 2012, as time dilutes our memories, we feel in danger of forgetting the moments.

The couple had only just ordered a bottle of wine in the dining room, aboard the massive vessel when it smashed into rocks off the Tuscan Island of Giglio Jan. 13.

With water flooding into the ship, Andrea refused to separate from her husband when she was instructed to take one remaining seat aboard a lifeboat. Instead, the couple swam for shore together.

Thirty-two people died on this night.