From this I have learned

“To live every day as if it had been stolen from death, that is how I would like to live. To feel the joy of life, as Eve felt the joy of life. To separate oneself from the burden, the angst, the anguish that we all encounter every day. To say I am alive, I […]

Can this happen twice? The sinking of the Korean Ferry leaves us horrified!

This recent week has left us in awe, following this similar circumstance of the sinking of the Korean ferry.  We pray for finality for the families of the missing passengers and wait for justice for the two Captains and many crew members who in both circumstances, selfishly saved their own lives before those of their […]

Book Signing

Book Signing at Chapters:  Our oldest fan > our youngest fan.  This elderly lady travelled across Calgary to come and meet us… eventually.  She was so excited as she had been following our story for years, arrived in tears! This little guy Nico is an avid Titanic follower and was in awe as he could […]

Costa Concordia: An ecological disaster

Even as the search continues for any further survivors of the Costa Concordia accident, questions are being asked about the potential environmental impact.We have a big ship with tanks full of fuel, aground on an island in a sea fringed with natural protected areas.So the worst case scenario is pretty bad.Isola del Giglio, where the […]

Concordia operation success a source of pride for an Italy shamed by shipwreck

GIGLIO ISLAND, Italy — The extraordinary righting of the Costa Concordia  from its watery Tuscan graveyard has given Italy a boost of sorely needed pride,  helping erase the shame many felt after an Italian captain took the cruise ship  off course in an apparent stunt, crashed it and then abandoned ship before  everyone was evacuated. […]

The day has dawned… after another dark night!

It was so hard to believe that we were part of this carnage, last night when we saw the ship coming up moment by moment and eventually hearing the foghorn  blast at the success of this salvage operation.  It seems like we recalled every move we made on this fateful night!  It became so much harder as […]

Engineers Gear Up to Rotate the Wreck of Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia has been grounded for 20 months. The 100,000 ton cruise ship slammed into rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio in January 2012, killing 32 people and forcing the evacuation of 4,000 passengers.  Now the liner’s finally set to be lifted upright in an unprecedented operation led by US firm Titan Salvage […]