Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis

Survivor, Inspirational, Motivational Speaker, Overcoming Adversity, Performance Improvement


"In the Chaos Is Where We Find Beauty"

Meet Andrea

Andrea Davis is a speaker, author, and coach known for her ability to move, educate, and relate to crowds with her motivation and humour. She believes in the endurance of the human spirit and her journey has given her the voice to share her story with others who may have traveled along similar paths.

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Work with Andrea

Andrea’s gift is sharing her journey with others in a way that inspires them to shift their own mindset. Bring valuable insight and inspiration to your next event with Andrea as your speaker on one of the following topics.

Mental Wellness

The importance of mental wellness is no secret in today's world. Andrea is passionate about sharing the importance of prioritizing your mental wellness to create a healthy and positive life. The influence of the trauma she has experienced has taught Andrea to manage symptoms of PTSD recognizing strengths and behavior while formulating new skills.


Disasters present inspiration, motivation, and an opportunity to understand the true power of resilience. Invite Andrea to speak to your audience about how we can find the internal strength to grow from the challenging situations life may bring.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool to creating the life you desire. Andrea will speak to your audience about the power of mindfulness and tools you can use to establish a mindfulness practice in your everyday life.


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