About Andrea

Laurence and I are seasoned travelers.  We are proud to call ourselves “Cruise Junkies”.

Our love for cruising began in 2007.   We have since sailed on 12 (and ½) cruises covering Southern and Eastern Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Paris, Brussels, Norway and Asia.

We have always loved travelling and exploring new counties, meeting people and the anticipation of learning about different cultures, food, undiscovered terrain and history.  We have bonded with fellow Cruise Mates from across the world and maintain invaluable relationship sharing each new adventure.

On Monday 9th January 2012, we embarked on the Costa Concordia in Barcelona.  Excited with the anticipation of fulfilling our lifelong dream of cruising the Western Mediterranean.

On Friday January 132012, day 5 of our 7day cruise itinerary, just a short distance out of the Port of Civitavecchia (Rome), the ship ran aground off the Island of Giglio on the Tuscan coast.

Freezing cold and petrified, after hours of trauma on this sinking vessel, we were left no alternative but to leap into the frigid dark waters of the winter sea.

A mere 6 months later, Laurence and I returned to Giglio where we visited the scene of this wreck and met up and reunited with our rescuers and the committed Islanders.  We heard their story of this night, following with the devastation and the lifelong changes to the economy, tourism, ecology of the Island and the evolving changes to this small island community. As well, we heard and saw the progress and plans to eventually refloat and remove this horrendous wreck.

Immediately following this visit, on our journey of healing and recovery, we once again returned to the sea and sailed on yet another cruise ship, this time out of Amsterdam. Initially we were fearful and traumatized. This became our turning point.  The magnitude of this disaster became an incredible journey discovering a path of healing, recovery and gratitude.

In the months that followed after our return and our reunion with family and friends, an overwhelming drive became my determination to document this terrifying journey and to leave a Memoir for our children, grandchildren, family and friends, as well as so many millions of interested and supportive people around the world.

Survival Was Only The Beginning

A Costa Concordia Story

My book has been published and is available to order online:

 or via my web site.

An astounding curiosity of so many people, has encouraged me to present Keynote Addresses, talk at corporate, medical, travel, educational and fundraising events, sharing our recount of this life altering Incredible Journey.

Disasters present inspiration, motivation and opportunity.

The Power of Resilience.

Ok to read your very descriptive words –  it was eerie to listen to them, almost like we were there as well,   reminded us of the Titanic movie. “